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Interviewing with TikTok (Testing Software Engineer)

ยท 2 min read
Ang Xuan Ze



TikTok has been the most popular choice among ex-colleagues that left Shopee. A quick check on LinkedIn Jobs also shows that they are hiring very aggressively (STILL). The role isn't that bad too, so why not give it a try.


Overall Experience: Very Good, very friendly interviewers
Difficulty: Easy
Received Offer: Yes

First Round (Senior)โ€‹

  • Previous experiences in automation
  • How to structure automation cases

2 fairly easy coding questions:

Second Round (Senior)โ€‹

  • Previous experiences in automation
  • How to perform backend API test (via REST / RPC)
  • Tools used for manual backend testing
  • Tools used for automated backend testing
  • How to handle race condition during automation testing

1 fairly easy coding question:

Third Round (Hiring Manager)โ€‹

  • There are 100 rocks of the same weight, except one. Most efficient way to find the different weighted rock. Time complexity & further optimisation.
  • Pros and Cons between testing in live / test environment.
  • Workflow of building automation cases.
  • The most challenging feature you have tested before

Fourth Round (HR)โ€‹

  • Reason for leaving
  • How to resolve internal / external conflicts
  • Proudest achievement in the current role
  • Future plans

Fifth Round (HR)โ€‹

  • Offer & package