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Delete Redis keys that matches pattern

· One min read
Ang Xuan Ze


So in the AffiliateManager project, a lot of endpoints are being cached. And somehow for some reason, the past me decided that a TTL of 0 is fine. And that left with me with a redis fill with thousands of keys :(

Now, time to purge it!

But I want to keep some of them, like session tokens but will like to clear those that are related to id etc.

So here's how...


Apparently, we can type in a function into the redis-cli!

To delete keys that match a pattern:

eval "for _,k in ipairs('keys','<redis key pattern>')) do'del',k) end" 0

Replace <redis key pattern> with the key. For example, if I want to delete all keys that look like user_id:123. The command will be:

eval "for _,k in ipairs('keys','user_id:*')) do'del',k) end" 0

Finally, a clean redis :)