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Interviewing with MatrixPort (Backend Software Engineer)

· One min read
Ang Xuan Ze



Matrixport is a very promosing SG company with a fresh $100M funding from Series-C last year. And they also have plans to go public in the next few years. The exchange under MatrixPort is called However, note that all interviews were conducted in Chinese.


Overall Experience: Good
Difficulty: Medium -> Medium-Hard
Received Offer: No

First Round

  • Previous Experiences
  • Concurrency related: -- Function spawns several goroutines, wait groups implemented.
  • How should we implement it if we want to abort all threads whenever one of it fails.
  • Ans: Implement channels. In each goroutines, check for channel status. When it fails, close the channel.

Second Round

  • How does database transactions work under the hood
  • When to use transactions
  • Considerations during DB / Cache interactions

Third Round

  • Docker file
  • How to perform deadlock using goroutines
  • Regular expressions
  • Shell command to check process
  • Memory stacks of process
  • Kernel vs core
  • Debugging tool