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How long is a second?

· One min read
Ang Xuan Ze


What the hell am I talking about? You might say. Well yea it sounded crazy but how long is a second exactly?!

What Happened

As I was writing some unit tests for my shiny Redis Set implementation, somethign weird caught my attention.

TestSendPotentialUsers | Successful | Written 80687641:-18230398344540846 to potential_user set

Excuse me?

For context, the Redis key was constructed using:

toWrite := fmt.Sprint(u, ":", time.Now().Unix()-common.ONE_MONTH-common.ONE_DAY)

After some digging around, I realised that in my common.ONE_HOUR: PascalTriangleAnimated

Why didn't I think of that, it is in milliseconds! And my common.ONE_MONTH-common.ONE_DAY will effectively become 18144000000000000 - 6048000000000000 🤣

One quick fix is:

    ONE_HOUR  = int64(60*time.Minute) / int64(1*time.Second)

And noice, it finally makese sense now.

TestSendPotentialUsers | Successful | Written 93737927:1637229666 to potential_user set